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Leading the Petrochemical Industry with Talented People

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN wishes to share the future with talents who do not fear failure,
who make continuous effort towards self development and who know how to cooperate and coexist.

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Recruitment Procedures

STEP 01 : Application Received / STEP 02 : Documentation Screening / STEP 03 : Personality and Aptitude Tests / STEP 04 : Interview(competency, personality) / STEP 05 :Physical Examination / STEP 06 : Announcement of Final Selections

  1. aaaaaaaaaApplication Receipt
  2. aaaaaaaaaDocumentation
    Screens applicants’ basic qualifications and values in various aspects to select the right applicants sought by PT LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN. The details written on the application are verified.
  3. aaaaaaaaaPersonality and
    Aptitude Tests
    Basic skills tests with major emphasis an applicant’s personality to evaluate his/her basic qualifications.
  4. aaaaaaaaaInterview. (competency, personality)
    An overall evaluation is conducted of an applicant’s competency, values, and growth potential. Various types of interviews may be conducted. A separate type of interview may be added depending on the type of job being applied.
  5. aaaaaaaaaPhysical Examination
    Applicants’ state of health is checked.
  6. aaaaaaaaaJob Offer
    Job Offer is conducted by phone and sign on agreement letter.