Environmental Management

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Safety is Our Priority

We endeavor through a process of continuous improvement, to fully integrate occupational health, safety and environment into all aspects and activities accordance with our philosophy:

  • We believe that no job or service is so important and urgent that we cannot take time to perform safely.
  • We shall conduct our operations in accordance with Indonesia regulations and international standard practices.
  • We shall act in a responsible manner to prevent injury to ourselves and others.
  • We shall provide safety training and conduct safety audits to achieve an zero accident performance.

We are providing all employees with education on enhancing their personal ability in environment safety management through EH&S system based online education that shares safety, health, and environment education information.

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  • Fire fighting drills.
  • Good housekeeping to promote safety.
  • Plant inspection by team and external inspector.
  • Rescue training.
  • Safety talk before conduct the job.
  • Safety training in class room for new employee.

Comprehensive Accident Prevention System Operation

Safety is our top priority and everything we seek to do as an organization relies on the well-being of our workforce, our communities and our operations. We are operating the comprehensive accident prevention system built for detecting early on-site risks such as gas leakage and fire, and responding to them promptly.

  • Monitoring gas detection
  • Monitoring fire water pumps unit
  • Meteorological survey equipment
  • On-site monitoring CCTV
  • Automatic fire detection

Environmental Management

We live by the principle which is, to meet or exceed applicable environmental quality standards in all of our operations. This commitment to environmental standards is an integral part of our design, construction and operating philosophy. We are proud of our reputation for environmental compliance, safe operations and good corporate citizenship. Maintenance of this reputation is one of our most important goals. We comply with the environmental laws regulations and apply inhouse standards that are stricter than acceptable standards for the environmental pollutants discharged from the workplace.

Monitoring Air Emission

We are committed to control and minimize air emission in accordance to government regulation. We also analyze pollution (by third parties) and report to Indonesian Environment Department.

  • Ambient air monitoring activities.
  • Incinerator stack emission monitoring.
  • Vehicle emission monitoring.

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste that is generated from Polyethylene Plant is stored in temporary storage before disposal by certified hazardous waste disposal companies.

  • Hazardous waste labelling
  • Hazardous waste temporary storage
  • Hazardous waste disposed to third party

Wastewater Treatment Diagram

Wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater in line with government regulation before discharge into the sea. The wastewater treatment plant is maintained continuously to ensure it works effectively.

1. Wastewater discharged from plant / 2. Main Lagoon / 3. Physical Treatment / 4. Biological Treatment / 5. Final Discharge Lagoon / 6. Effluent to Sea

Health Care

A health administration office and clinic within the plant enables all workers to receive medical advice and service conveniently. We are promoting employees health in the workplace by physical examinations, medication supplies, health checks, medical consultation, dissemination of health information and blood donation also.

  • Yearly medical checkup of employee
  • Blood donation cooperate with PMI conducted every 3 months