LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN Will Continue to Grow

To emerge as Indonesia’s No. 1 Petrochemical Products Supplier in support of the parent’s goal
(as presented below) of becoming No. 1 Petrochemical Company in South East Asia.

It is focusing on Strengthening Existing Business, New Project Implementation and Mega Scale Investment in SEA.

2020 Vision

No.1 Petrochemical Company in SEA - Revenue USD 6 Billion

Strengthen Existing Business
New Project Implementation
Mega Scale Investment in SEA

Management Policy

Strengthening Core Competences
We will secure competitiveness in our main business areas by focusing on what we can do best and expanding to related business areas.
Field-oriented Management
Our executives and employees will continuously monitor voices from the field such as customers, business partners and local community and incorporate them in our business strategy.
Talent Cultivation
We hire outstanding talent and nurture them to be among the best in the industry who can lead future growth.
Green Management
We fulfill our responsibilities for society’s sustainable growth and for the environment by supplying environment-friendly products through energy reduction and innovation.
Brand Management
We will ensure that our products give the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and win their trust so that they can make a quantum leap to be a global premium brand.

Core Values

The core values of LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN reflects the essence of LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN’s success that has been splendidly developed throughout numerous challenges.

Customer Focus
To judge and act based on profound understanding of customers.
To be always sincere to customers and observe promises with them.
Provide signature and differentiated Lotte products and services based on creative perspective.
Pursue consistent business innovation through new ideas and change of perspective.
Pursue win-win situation with customers and partners.
Form creative management-labor culture based on trust and cooperation.
Promote close cooperation for the creation of group synergy.
Promote businesses with a vigorous spirit, challenging and overcoming impossibilities.
Consistently exert effort with the firm determination to be the best.
Improve business efficiency using proper incentives based on performance
To clearly set a goal and make every effort to obtain good results