Corporate Social Responsibility

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Here, the various activities by LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN in fulfillment of its social responsibilities are presented.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN CSR - Grow With the Society

Lotte Chemical Titan has in place a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision which has its cornerstone the values of warmth, of dreams and of being human. This vision directs us to return a part of our profits to society, undertake voluntary participation which creates a sense of reward and create a passion for community service. In line with the Company's philosophy of being a Lifetime Value Creator, the Company is committed to add value to its business by embedding the principles of CSR in the Company culture and strive to align our CSR initiatives to benefit five CSR pillars namely; People, Education, Aid, Community and Environment ("P.E.A.C.E.").

  1. People
  2. Education
  3. Aid
  4. Comunnity
  5. Environment