21st Century Cornerstone of Chemical Industry

In implementing research & development, LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN is supported by Plastic Technical
Centre (PTC) in Malaysia and Lotte Chemical Research Institute (LCRI) in Korea, particularly in terms
of laboratory analysis.

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About Lotte Chemical Research Institute (LCRI)

Established in the Yeosu Plant in 1986 with the aim of future-oriented R&D for customers, the Institute was relocated to the Daeduk Special Zone in 1991 and then became an integrated research institute in the chemical sector the LOTTE GROUP in 2005 by consolidating its subsidiaries LOTTE Daesan Petrochemical Corp. and KP Chemical Research Institute.

Moreover, this global institute is opening up a promising future by providing expanded product development and technical support to overseas subsidiaries Lotte Chemical Gaheung EP in China, LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN in Malaysia, Indonesia and Lotte Chemical Alabama in the US.

Major research activities include polyolefin resin development and catalyst research, research on the development of new materials with enhanced functionality, chemical research in the field of monomers, and research on Mega trends as a future growth engine, with efforts to secure original technologies and pioneer new markets for sustainable growth.

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