Technical Support

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In implementing research & development, PT LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN Nusantara (LCTN) is supported by
Plastic Technical Centre (PTC) in Malaysia and Lotte Chemical Research Institute (LCRI) in Korea,
particularly in terms of laboratory analysis.

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LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN provides reliable laboratory analysis information and fabrication process studies to support the product development & improvement as well as to provide technical support for our customers. We conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis on the material composites, analysis on the molecular structures of polymers/additives as well as the physical properties. The equipment and fabrication machine facilities have assisted customers to grow and expand their businesses through product quality improvement and diversification as well as conducting hands-on training for customers. Testing capabilities at LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN are maintained at a top level with our high technology equipment and the capabilities of the analysis & fabrication as well as products testing & evaluation increased multiple folds with the support from Lotte Chemical Research Institute (LCRI) in Korea and Plastic Technical Centre (PTC) in Malaysia.

Test Subject Test Method
Basic material analysis FT-IR, DSC
Quantitative analysis of various inorganic additives XRF
Surface observation analysis Digital microscope
Measurement of physical properties of plastic Tensile strength, Flexural, Izod/charpy impact strength, Dart drop impact strength, Enviromental Stress Crack Resistance, Friction, Blocking force, Optical properties, Hardness, Tear, shrinkage ratio, Gel content on film, MI and Density.